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Meep is a mobile app that enables and encourages a modal shift toward more sustainable travel and a behavioral shift toward a multi-modal, improved mobility. Meep integrates all available modes of transport in a city - public and private - into a single platform. Users can search for, reserve and pay for trips in one transaction through the application, eliminating the need for several apps or tools.

The app shows all transport nearby to a current location and contains a journey planner, which allows users to combine multiple modes of transport in one route, making city travel more efficient and personalized, while helping different transport operators reach their customer base more effectively

Users can select preferred types of transport (e.g. metro vs. bus) and travel priorities (e.g. speed vs. cost), which Meep will incorporate in its suggested route results. Once in transit, users can follow a step-by-step route guide, updated in real-time including arrival and wait times, within the app. They can also track carbon emissions from their travels and opt for more eco-friendly routes.

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