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VAIGO enables employers to implement smarter, flexible mobility policies without the usual administrative hassle.

Many mobility and HR managers feel constrained to offering either a traditional fleet or public transport option, OR modern alternatives like MaaS. For most employees the best solution is a flexible combination of one AND the other. The VAIGO platform puts mobility managers in the driving seat and enables them to create, implement and monitor fresh mobility policies across the organization. Large enterprises appreciate VAIGO’s modularity and its seamless integration with business processes and corporate IT systems.

VAIGO unburdens the mobility services vendor management, from managing B2B-contract to encapsulation of a wide range of consumer applications. Customers also select VAIGO for its ability to enable a multi-MaaS strategy across different regions. This eliminates a common weakness in many offerings: a lack of freedom of choice for the employee.

The growing VAIGO team is currently operating form Brussels, serving customers in Belgium, Germany and France. Further European expansion is on the roadmap.


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