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What we do:
Chargetrip offers smart navigation for Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

How we do it:
Chargetrip develops an API based SaaS platform for Electric Mobility. Our routing algorithms and intuitive trip planner recommend the optimal charge stations along the way from A to B to C. Our predictive models alleviate charge congestion and optimize for total travel-time and travel-costs. Chargetrip is easy to integrate into existing navigation- and telemetric fleet applications.

Chargetrip has successfully implemented API services and front-end applications for Automotive Manufacturers (e.g., Porsche), Charge Point Operators (e.g., Vector), Mobility Service Providers, Transportation Network Companies, and EV driver associations. Currently, over 60.000 EV drivers use our software every month; this is equal to 2% of all EV’s in the world.

Why it is important:
The electric charge- and drive eco-system is fundamentally broken. It is complicated to drive EVs over long distances, across borders, or use EVs commercially with high intensity. This is due to the additional variables that impact EVs like plug-type, charge speed, payment system, waiting-lines, variable charge power, temperature, weather, topography, and availability of charge stations.

These flaws cause adoption barriers for individuals and fleet operators. EV specific navigation, predictive models for charge congestion, and -energy prices alleviate these barriers and accelerate global mass adoption of electric mobility. In the coming years, our API will help to optimize the TCO of EV fleets; owned, leased, rented, shared, and autonomous.

Chargetrip is based in Amsterdam, Switzerland, and Bucharest and operates throughout the world.

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